$1104$828per year

Quixel for ArchViz

For businesses specializing primarily in architectural visualization.

Max Resolution & Points / Year

* Points can be used to buy and download assets from the Megascans library.
* Points are refilled at each billing cycle and carry over if not used.
* 8K is available for most 3D assets and all surfaces in 2x2 meters and above.

License Terms

* You are eligible for this plan only when your business is primarily specialized in architectural visualization.

* You are eligible for this plan only when you have 20 or fewer registered employees or contractors employed by your business.

* You are granted 1-year total access to Megascans, Bridge and Mixer with unlimited seats. During 1 year, you can create content using Megascans, Bridge and Mixer for any number of concurrent projects. When the license expires, you can still ship your project(s) at any time without any need to relicense, just that you cannot create additional content with Megascans, Bridge and Mixer. You may create additional content using Megascans, Bridge and Mixer for any current or new project(s) as soon as you relicense, and you can use all your previously downloaded Megascans assets without having to pay an extra cost for said assets.

* If you do not need additional points but wish to continue using Megascans, Bridge, Mixer and all previously downloaded Megascans assets for any commercial project(s), you can purchase a discounted renewal license for another 1-year term. The renewal license will also enable you to spend any unused points from the previous term.

* Sharing your account information, assets, or tools with others outside your business is prohibited.


$69per month, paid yearly


Your subscription includes:
Megascans Bridge Mixer
  • Quixel Megascans for ArchViz with 250 points/year
  • Quixel Bridge
  • Quixel Mixer
  • Access to free assets on the Megascans library
  • A monthly, free drop of 5 bonus assets, selected just for you