$999per month


For teams with under $2M in funding or yearly revenue.

Payment Schedule

Annual subscribers get 20% extra points and the entire year’s points upfront. * Points can be used to buy and download assets from the Megascans library. 3D models cost 4 points each, surfaces are 2 points, and scans of any other type cost 1 point each. That’s 45 surfaces, 22 3D models, or 90 scans of any other type.
* Points are refilled at each billing cycle and carry over if not used.
* 8K is available for most 3D assets and all surfaces in 2x2 meters and above.

License Terms

* This plan allows for unlimited members of your business, who are registered employees or who are contractors employed by your business.

* You are eligible for this plan only when you have less than $20,000,000 USD annual revenue or funds raised, and you are not affiliated with or funded by a publisher owned studio. If you exceed this amount you must contact Quixel for a plan upgrade. Quixel reserves the right to assess your most recent annual business report to verify income claims.

* Sharing your account information, assets, or tools with others outside your business is prohibited.


$999per month


Your subscription includes:
Megascans Bridge Mixer
  • Quixel Megascans with 90 points/month
  • 8K resolution
  • Quixel Bridge
  • Quixel Mixer
  • Access to free assets on the Megascans library
  • A monthly, free drop of 5 bonus assets, selected just for you