• Sci-Fi Landscape

    Create the Sci-Fi fantasy environment of your dreams with this collection of peculiar plants, ethereal rocks and surfaces

  • Iceland

    Moody and unique, this set of ultra-realistic assets represent the most intricately-detailed scans added to the library. From stark cliffs to rich flora, discover the iconic landscape of Iceland.

  • Desert Warzone

    Create a detailed warzone with these rubble piles, metal barrels and all the ingredients needed for a desolate combat area.

  • Castle Ruins

    Capturing the lost glory of kingdoms of old, the Castle Ruin collection brings together the remains of castles, chapels, and more. Scanned in various locations around Europe. New assets added weekly.

  • Abandoned Factory

    Derelict manufacturing plants, long-forgotten urban junkyards, and modern industrial waste. These are the remnants of a forgotten golden age. Captured in ultra-high quality. New assets added weekly.

  • Pine Essentials

    Create a detailed scene with this essential collection of fallen logs buried in beds of pine needles, supported by tree stumps and scatter assets.

  • Forest Undergrowth

    Enhance your forest scenes with hundreds of scanned specimens curated into 50+ assets including, moss, debris, rocks, leaves, sticks, stumps and mushrooms.

  • Wasteland

    Curated set of 50+ arid wasteland assets from gnarled wood, dusty rocks, decayed leaves, plants, weeds, and debris.

  • Meadow

    Hundreds of hand-picked elements assembled into a set of 65+ lush meadow assets including, ferns, moss, grass, leaves, twigs, debris, mossy rocks and wood.

  • Dry Grassland

    Hundreds of specimens curated into a set of 60+ Dry grassland assets, covering everything from sticks, leaves, dry grasses and bleached wood.

  • Mountain Slope

    Hundreds of specimens compiled into 60+ extremely versatile rock assemblies, mossy branches, leaves, sticks, plants and more.

  • Quarry

    Beautiful colored rock and cliffs with sharp, chiseled features make an awesome set from an undisturbed abandoned quarry we found in the outback.

  • Lava Field

    A huge set of rugged Lava Field assets, including rocks, cliffs, slabs, plants and rubble for creating dramatic desolate scenes on a large scale.

  • Stump

    Add detail to your forest scene with a selection of stumps, iconic mushrooms, fungi, moss, leaves, and scatter debris.

  • Ocean

    Create underwater scenes of incredible realism with this set of ocean assets. From seaweed to shells, this collection encompasses a wide variety of subjects from marine ecosystems.

  • Valley

    A varied set of forest assets for creating lush woodland scenes. Combine mossy rocks, assemblies, logs and wood elements to create rich natural environments.

  • Rubble

    Easily fill environments with debris, broken bricks and clutter with this highly detailed collection of rubble assets.

  • Sandstone

    The largest scanned collection of arid sandstone desert ever! A complete biome filled with 3d plants, leaf atlases, vegetation, cliffs, rocky terrain, rock formations, scattered rock and more.

  • Rocky Grassland

    This collection combines mossy rock formations with beautiful grasses for building highland scenes or a simple grassy steppe. Start creating right away with this set of compatible assets.