• Sandstone

    The largest scanned collection of arid sandstone desert ever! A complete biome filled with 3d plants, leaf atlases, vegetation, cliffs, rocky terrain, rock formations, scattered rock and more.

  • Rubble

    Easily fill environments with debris, broken bricks and clutter with this highly detailed collection of rubble assets.

  • Valley

    A varied set of forest assets for creating lush woodland scenes. Combine mossy rocks, assemblies, logs and wood elements to create rich natural environments.

  • Ocean

    Create underwater scenes of incredible realism with this set of ocean assets. From seaweed to shells, this collection encompasses a wide variety of subjects from marine ecosystems.

  • Stump

    Add detail to your forest scene with a selection of stumps, iconic mushrooms, fungi, moss, leaves, and scatter debris.

  • Lava Field

    A huge set of rugged Lava Field assets, including rocks, cliffs, slabs, plants and rubble for creating dramatic desolate scenes on a large scale.

  • Quarry

    Beautiful colored rock and cliffs with sharp, chiseled features make an awesome set from an undisturbed abandoned quarry we found in the outback.

  • Mountain Slope

    Hundreds of specimens compiled into 60+ extremely versatile rock assemblies, mossy branches, leaves, sticks, plants and more.

  • Dry Grassland

    Hundreds of specimens curated into a set of 60+ Dry grassland assets, covering everything from sticks, leaves, dry grasses and bleached wood.

  • Meadow

    Hundreds of hand-picked elements assembled into a set of 65+ lush meadow assets including, ferns, moss, grass, leaves, twigs, debris, mossy rocks and wood.

  • Wasteland

    Curated set of 50+ arid wasteland assets from gnarled wood, dusty rocks, decayed leaves, plants, weeds, and debris.

  • Forest Undergrowth

    Enhance your forest scenes with hundreds of scanned specimens curated into 50+ assets including, moss, debris, rocks, leaves, sticks, stumps and mushrooms.

  • Pine Essentials

    Create a detailed scene with this essential collection of fallen logs buried in beds of pine needles, supported by tree stumps and scatter assets.

  • Rocky Grassland

    This collection combines mossy rock formations with beautiful grasses for building highland scenes or a simple grassy steppe. Start creating right away with this set of compatible assets.