Rapid texture creation

Blend, paint & sculpt tileable materials in no-time.

material creation software.

Intuitive material blending
Easily blend, modify and layer Megascans or custom textures to create beautifully unique materials in no-time.
Paint, mask & sculpt
Leverage the multi-channel tileable painter to color, mask and sculpt amazing 32 bit materials in crisp detail.
Unrivaled simplicity
Create your first production quality material within minutes of getting started with Mixer. It’s that simple.
Quixel Mixer

Infinite creativity.

The power of the highest quality photo-real scan data mixed with procedural tech — all in one simple app. Create and modify completely unique materials your way — photorealistic or stylized, with infinite variation.

Quixel Mixer

Mix & match.

Mix textures to quickly come up with brand new materials, and match colors and reflectance values with a single click. The non-destructive layer system keeps things simple and tidy, and happy accidents have never been easier. Texturing is more fun than ever!

Quixel Mixer

Seamless painting experience.

Unleash your creative potential with buttery-smooth painting. Accurately perform straight brush strokes with canvas or camera aligned painting in orthographic mode. With multi-channel painting and 32 bit sculpting, designing tileable PBR materials has never been easier.

Quixel Mixer

Zero learning curve.

Mixer is designed from the ground up to be artist-friendly, intuitive, and extremely fast to pick up. Whip up stunning mixes in minutes, or design deeply advanced materials with incredible control—whether you are in a hurry or want to indulge, Mixer has got you covered.

  • “I find Mixer to be super powerful. Seeing all the channels updating live is a great way to quickly iterate your textures.”

    — Javier Perez, Senior Environment Artist, Intrepid Studios

  • “Mixer is a refreshing take on how to work with scanned materials. We used Mixer during the production of Battlefield V to create a wide range of terrain materials and mixes.”

    — Pontus Ryman, Senior Environment Artist, EA DICE

  • “We love using Megascans purely for the great range of scans and textures offered, there’s so much more than any other libraries that we know of.”

    — Ben Walker, CGI Head of Real-Time, Burrows


    “I have been using Megascans assets in a lot of the work I’m doing on EDGE 2, which is definitely raising the quality of the whole project! Quixel has been a big support.”

    — Fausto De Martini

Quixel Mixer

Complete Megascans integration.

Instantly access the entire Megascans library directly within Mixer. Leverage Megascans to guarantee photorealistic base textures, or transform them into fantastic stylized assets effortlessly. Mixer and Megascans together give you virtually limitless creative possibilities.

Quixel Mixer

Design any material imaginable.

With its advanced painting, sculpting, masking and blending features, Mixer transforms the creation of realistic and hand-painted textures into a rich, creative and boundless experience. Organic or hard-surface, modern or medieval, man-made or alien—anything is possible.

Quixel Mixer

Channel pack & export.

Create custom channel-packed export presets with your own naming conventions, and export in 8, 16 or 32 bit in any file format. Or save your materials directly to Quixel Bridge, to leverage powerful integrations with all major 3D software.

Quixel Mixer

Available on PC and Mac.

Quixel Mixer is available for Windows and macOS.

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Experience full access to Megascans, Bridge and Mixer,
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