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Quixel’s tools have already been adopted by thousands of happy companies and customers
to help shape some of the biggest games and movies of the last year.

Why QuixeL
Save millions and increase quality
with enterprise access.

The fastest-growing and largest resource of production ready scans. Oscar-winning quality, fully PBR and standardized, at a total value of 10 million dollars.
Save time and streamline your local content management by easily organizing all assets in one place that integrates with every DCC, engine or renderer.
Significantly speed up the production of high-quality custom materials. Paint and mix both realistic and stylized tileable textures in minutes.


Get ahead with the #1 content library
and enjoy unlimited creativity.

Unrestricted access to the fastest-growing scan library plus unlimited seats.

Quixel for Enterprise

An outsourcing revolution.

It is our sole mission to quickly provide you with the content and tools you need to succeed. Not only do you get unlimited access to the world’s largest scan library from day one, but over 100 people scan the world every day based on your immediate needs, with unrivaled turnaround and quality.

Quixel for Enterprise

Unlimited creativity.

Get instant unlimited access to thousands of 3D assets, surfaces, plants and more; experiment and iterate freely without worrying about wasting money or maxing out your account. With unlimited seats to all apps, you don’t have to think twice before adding new people to your creative process.

Quixel for Enterprise

Unparalleled standardization.

We invest thousands of dollars into every single asset that goes into the library to ensure premium quality, total standardization and optimal performance, as well as invent all scanning hardware and software to guarantee perfect meshes and calibrated physically based maps, so you don’t have to.

  • “Megascans, Mixer, and Bridge work together so well. All of Quixel’s tools clearly show that structure and high-quality content going hand in hand is a powerful way to save time and increase quality.”

    — Pontus Ryman, Senior Environment Artist, EA DICE

  • “Megascans is a culmination of the very best assets to help simplify game development and aid in creating the highest quality games possible.”

    — Ryota Kanematsu, Environment Artist, Capcom

  • “Eidos-Montréal and Crystal Dynamics are proud to have used Quixel Megascans for Shadow of the Tomb Raider in order to help bring to life our meticulously crafted world.”

    — Eidos-Montréal & Crystal Dynamics

  • “Megascans has become an indispensable resource when building photorealistic environments.”

    — Damien Fagnou, SVP, Technicolor

  • “Megascans provides the highest quality source material with intuitive tools to combine, permute and create unique new content.”

    — Tom Burlington, Technical Art Director, Bungie

  • Jungle Book

    Disney’s live-action remake transports audiences deep into a vivid jungle environment created with the help of Quixel tools. The film has won numerous awards including the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

  • American Gods

    This blend of Americana, fantasy, and mythology, has received critical acclaim for performances and visual style made with the help of Quixel tools. The show was nominated for the Outstanding Special Visual Effects Emmy Award.

  • ADAM

    Unity’s real-time-rendered short film leverages Quixel tools to help bring this dystopian story to life, and showcases photorealistic graphical quality. The film won the Webby Award in Animation (Branded).

Quixel for Enterprise

The industry standard.

We are proud to have some of the happiest clients in the industry, and are committed to building not only the tools you need, but also great, long-lasting and trusting relationships. This is why virtually all major AAA and VFX studios now rely on Quixel to help shape the future of entertainment.

Quixel for Enterprise

Synced with your pipeline.

Bridge Sync gives your art team instant, first-class access to the entire Megascans library and latest plugins, even without internet connectivity or dedicated machines.

Deliver great experiences with the right tools.

Give your creative team access to the world’s largest scan library and powerful creative tools to build award-winning worlds with.