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Megascans is a massive online scan library of high-resolution PBR-calibrated surface, vegetation and 3D scans.
Bridge connects Megascans to all your favorite tools. Browse, manage, and export asstes, straight from your desktop.
Simple and easy material creation. Create photorealistic, tileable, materials in seconds with powerful mixing and painting.


  • Houdini

    Houdini’s procedural workflow helps you build bigger, richer worlds faster, even with smaller teams and limited resources. SideFX is sponsoring free Houdini Indie licenses especially for developers on this program.

  • SpeedTree

    SpeedTree provides industry-leading 3D tree renderings and foliage for gaming, film, and architectural visualization. SpeedTree is sponsoring free Indie modeler licenses especially for developers on this program.

  • Goodbye Kansas Game Invest

    Goodbye Kansas Game Invest enables talented developers by empowering them with wisdom, funding, and a shared passion for games. If you’re a gaming visionary, get an intro to Goodbye Kansas.

  • Coffee Stain Publishing

    Coffee Stain Publishing has one simple mission: Enabling unique games live up to their full potential. Coffee Stain’s extensive game knowledge and data driven marketing expertise can help you reach millions of players.

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Megascans assets are stardardized to work in all your favorite tools, and our apps integrate with all major real-time engines, modeling apps, and renderers.

The Quixel Indie Program gives you full access to our entire tool suite including Megascans, Mixer and Bridge, full access to our partners that help you build, fund, and publish your project, as well as our extended technical support and dedicated marketing services. All of this with no upfront cost in exchange for 2.5% of your future revenue.  Learn the details here.


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