#1 choice for
Games, VFX, ArchViz and beyond

World-class capture
Thousands of 3D and 2D assets are being scanned based on your immediate needs, so you focus on being creative.
Premium quality
Thanks to its incredible quality and depth, Megascans makes work fun & easy for the world’s top AAA and VFX studios.
Totally standardized
Optimized topology, UVs and LODs, consistent scale, resolution, and real-world PBR: the boring stuff is done for you.

Discover every scan imaginable

Thousands of 3D assets, tileable surfaces, vegetation, imperfections, atlases, decals and much more, from urban to natural, with hundreds of new assets scanned weekly. Get a head start with everything you need from day 1, and use your creativity where it matters most.


Get Oscar-winning quality

Megascans allows for uncompromised quality and efficiency. It helps studios create beautiful scenery faster, such as MPC’s Oscar-winning Megascans environments. Now that you have a world-class workflow at your disposal, what will you create?


Skip guesswork

Megascans is the definitive standardized content resource. All assets are consistently scanned, scaled and PBR calibrated, and every single 3D mesh comes with meticulously optimized topology, UVs and LODs, meaning less time doing boring work, and more time having fun.

  • “Creating an open world with the fidelity of a handcrafted experience requires a staggering amount of high quality assets. It was an incredibly difficult journey for us on Metro Exodus, and Megascans provided significant aid with their bottomless library of high-quality content.”

    — Sergei Karmalsky, Art Director, 4A Games

  • “Megascans is the one and only proper library for high quality scans on the market. Megascans was used throughout Battlefield V to bring in extra quality, flesh out environments, and lift the visual fidelity overall.”

    — Pontus Ryman, Senior Environment Artist, EA DICE

  • “Eidos-Montréal and Crystal Dynamics are proud to have used Quixel Megascans for Shadow of the Tomb Raider in order to help bring to life our meticulously crafted world.”

    — Eidos-Montréal & Crystal Dynamics

  • “Megascans has become an indispensable resource when building photorealistic environments.”

    — Damien Fagnou, SVP, Technicolor

  • “Megascans has long been our go-to resource for all environment needs and has now become an invaluable tool across all types of projects at The Boundary.”

    — Henry Goss RIBA / Director, The Boundary

  • “Thanks to Megascans, we were able to visualize the game’s diverse locations and realize the frightening yet beautiful Village we set out to create.”

    — Junpei Mashiba, Lead Environment Artist, Capcom

  • “When it comes to achieving photorealism without compromising performance, Megascans hits all fronts—with a PBR approach, drag-n-drop workflow, and ever-growing library.”

    — Ronen Bekerman, Co-Founder, The Craft

  • “Megascans provides the highest quality source material with intuitive tools to combine, permute and create unique new content.”

    — Tom Burlington, Technical Art Director, Bungie

  • “Megascans empowers even small teams like ours to achieve the quality and realism traditionally exclusive to large AAA productions.”

    — Veselin Efremov, Creative Director, Unity Demo Team


Go beyond photorealism

At Quixel, we research, invent, and engineer all scanning hardware and processing software behind Megascans, to enable a level of photorealism you won’t find anywhere else. Instantly get rid of the plastic look, and push yourself far beyond just photorealism.

Josef Bsharah

With passion for your industry

Prepared for Games, VFX, ArchViz, Ads and Automotive — even mobile, VR and AR — Megascans plugs right into your favorite tools and pipelines. Most games, films and digital experiences today leverage Megascans to look their best.

Illusive Images
Eidos-Montréal | Crystal Dynamics | Square Enix
MPC Film | Disney

Uncompromising attention to detail

On our global scanning expeditions, we scan entire biomes and ecoregions to capture everything contained within them. From the smallest blade of grass to the largest cliff, every element is scanned and made fully modular, enabling you to create the most detailed worlds imaginable.

Unlimited Megascans access
for use with Unreal Engine

If you have a Content License, simply sign in with your Epic Games
account to get unlimited access to the Megascans library through Bridge.*

*This Megascans access is licensed for use with Unreal Engine-based products only and treats Megascans
assets as Epic Games Content under the Content License Agreement.