Megascans, Bridge and Mixer, in one simple subscription.

PersonalMegascans, Bridge & Mixer, for creatives with up to $100K funding or yearly revenue.
Monthly or annual single-seat license for self-employed indies, freelancers and enthusiasts.
ArchVizMegascans, Bridge & Mixer, for ArchViz studios with up to 20 employees.
Annual site license for high-volume client work, with a library curated just for ArchViz.
BusinessMegascans, Bridge & Mixer, for companies with up to $2M funding or yearly revenue.
Annual site license for any project(s) intended for mass-market consumption.
  • Enterprise

    Unlimited creativity with Megascans, Bridge & Mixer, for enterprises with over $2M funding or yearly revenue. Customized solutions for large productions to help your projects succeed.

  • Indie Program

    Apply for the Quixel Indie Program for a chance to get unlimited seats for Megascans, Bridge and Mixer, unlimited 3D & 2D assets, plus invaluable partners, and share 2.5% only once you succeed. Accepted applicants are limited to 20 per year.

  • Educational Program

    Are you a teacher or school? Enroll today to get free access to Megascans, Bridge and Mixer for your entire classroom.

    Students, ask your teacher or school admin to sign up and we’ll take it from there.

Can’t find a plan that fit your needs?and we’ll help you find a solution!
Frequently asked questions
We have some great plans for individuals and for teams of all sizes.

Personal plan: You are either a hobbyist or you work alone with less than $100,000 USD in annual revenue or funds raised.

Business plan: Your business works on medium to large projects, and you have up to $2,000,000 USD in annual revenue or funds raised.

Enterprise plan: Your business works on large projects, and you have $2,000,000 USD or higher annual revenue or funds raised. We will help customize a solution, just for you.

ArchViz Program: You are an individual or team of up to 20 people working primarily on ArchViz projects. This program is designed exclusively for you. Includes Quixel Bridge, Quixel Mixer, and a specialized Megascans library curated just for ArchViz.

Indie Program: You are an indie developer building on an awesome and unique idea for a game. Apply for our revenue share program to get full access to all of Quixel’s tools and services, and access to our program partners at no upfront cost.

Educational Program: You are a teacher or institution looking to give your students full access to all of Quixel’s tools and to a massive pack of Megascans assets.
Your subscription includes full access to the Quixel Megascans asset library, Quixel Bridge, a content management and integrations solution, and Quixel Mixer, a simple and fast material authoring tool that you can use to create completely customized materials. You also get a free, personalized drop of bonus assets every month based on your usage. These bonus assets are selected just for you, and they get more relevant the more you use Megascans.
Your subscription comes with a set of points based on the plan you choose. Points can be used to buy and download assets from the Megascans library.

Points are refilled at each billing cycle, and if you don’t use your points during one billing period, they carry over to the next one. If you use up all your points and don’t want to wait for your next refill, you can always top-up your points at any time.
Your subscription comes with a free bonus reward of 2 - 5 premium assets, every month. These bonus assets are selected just for you, and they get more relevant the more you use Megascans.

Your bonus assets will drop on the date you subscribed. So, if your subscription date is the 25th, your assets will drop on the 25th of each month, even if you have an annual subscription. When your drop is ready, you’ll find these assets in the “Free” tab with a “Bonus” label, and you can download them for the entire month until they are replaced with the next bonus drop.
Yes! You can upgrade or switch plans whenever you need, as long as your business meets the plan’s requirements. You can also temporarily pause your subscription when you need to take a break.
If you are on a Personal plan, you can continue to use assets for your projects once you’ve downloaded them. If you’re on a Business or ArchViz plan, you can use downloaded assets for any number of concurrent projects in production, as long as your license is active, and if you no longer need additional points but wish to continue using previously download Megascans assets you can purchase a discounted content renewal license. Use assets commercially or non-commercially based on the type of plan you acquired them under. For more details, check out our Terms.
Although our legacy plans such as Hobby, Freelancer, or Indie Game are no longer of sale on the site if you are subscribed to any of these, you keep your current plan and carry on as usual. The older plans have got a few upgrades including the addition of free monthly drops of bonus premium assets. If you want to change your subscription to one of our new plans get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.


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