Quixel Mixer v2018.1.04 for Windows


  • Liquid threshold is now allowed to go higher than given max value.
  • Fixed bug where some users were getting the subscription pop-up when trying to run the Mixer in a specific time-period on the date of their subscription renewal.
  • Fixed minor bugs with UI/navigation.
  • Fixed issue where Clicking on "View Asset" without opening up Online tab first resets the search.
  • Fixed right click menu not showing when UI was scaled for HDPI screens.
  • Fixed issue where trial customers were unable to download free assets.
  • Fixed issue where loading a paint layer mix sometimes didn't show the correct channels for the workflow.
  • Duplicate Layer (Ctrl/Cmd + D).
  • Updated painting hotkeys (Middle mouse + S to change brush/eraser size, Middle mouse + F to change brush fill, Middle mouse + O to change brush opacity)
  • Eraser outline got red color.