Quixel Mixer v2018.2.2.0 for Windows


  • Added Eyedropper, both via quick access (shift-left click color swatch), via Color Picker and via Q
  • Orthographic View, toggled via the shortcut “P” (Including Angle-based Snap Rotation)
  • Added Straight Line Painting, which can be canvas-aligned or camera-aligned (Shift or Shift+S respectively)
  • Change layer textures, without changing the current layer settings (Right-click menu on layer)
  • Added several new HDRIs
  • Match Color to Base functionality (Middle mouse click color swatch)
  • Added Quick Export (Ctrl+Shift+E)
  • Several new stock paint brushes added
  • Major improvements to Mixing performance!
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes and quality of life improvements!