Quixel Mixer v2018.2.3.0 for Windows


  • Fixed Mac build to work with Mac OS Sierra or below by packing it in Mac OS Extended rather than APFS
  • Fixed crash when changing resolutions or ground size
  • Fixed "Download All Acquired Assets" to work consistently
  • Fixed layer not showing properly after matching its colors to base when other layers clip to it
  • Fixed normals losing details after tweaking when “Tweaking Normal Fix” was low res / off and “Bake Underlying Layers” was on
  • Fixed a bunch of cases where clipped layers could get rendered twice into their targets
  • Fixed issues with quitting while saving/exporting/saving asset to library causing crashes or incomplete exports
  • Fixed issue where resetting colors would sometimes not work
  • Fixed issue where "change paint layer resolution" popup was shown when it was not needed
  • Fixed a number of cases where Mixer would stop responding when exporting or saving and trying to quit before it finished
  • Improved and optimized eyedropper behavior
  • Fixed Overlay blend mode for painted gloss causing rendered normals to sometimes disappear
  • Fixed circular loading bar not going away from Local Library when switched to it the first time
  • Fixed issue where refreshing the library while it's being loaded would cause exceptions
  • Fixed PBR rendering bugs for both rendering workflows with the fast paint preview, where colors would not be set appropriately
  • Fixed clipping targets adjusting targets with hq blur when a stroke is ongoing
  • Fixed preview hq blur not using hq blur when rendering clipped layers
  • Fixed changing hq blur mode not updating the viewport if working on a new mix directly after launching the app
  • Fixed issue where brush color would sometimes be red even though eraser is inactive