Quixel Mixer v2019.1.0.0 for Windows


  • Introducing Mask Stack; unlocking a whole new level of creativity through a total synergy between scans and procedurals
  • Includes Several Mask types: Normal, ImageMask, Noise Generators (Perlin, Simplex, Worley), Positional Gradient, Patterns (Checker, Square, Circle, Gradient), Solid Value and Curvature
  • Also includes Modifier Components: Blur (Gaussian, Directional), Bevel, Brightness/Contrast, Invert, Clamp, Gradient Remap, Normalize, Transform and Circular Transform.
  • Added new mask visualisation modes (Active Mask, Layer Mask)
  • Added support to save and load mask stack presets
  • Added support to copy/paste individual mask stack elements and entire mask stacks
  • Considerably improved memory usage overall and especially during exports
  • New Viewport grid added
  • Added "exit without saving" dialogue.
  • Added Shortcuts Menu (Help->View Shortcuts)
  • Added option to Enable/Disable Tool tips in User Interface Preferences.
  • Improved Color Picker UI
  • Option to open asset folder in local library.
  • Added option to Rename in right click menu in layers
  • Added option to rename Project right click menu
  • Improved view change log menu
  • Added option to scale viewport for better performance on high resolution screens
  • Added various options to improve performance for lower-end systems (under performance settings).
  • Added indication that Mix is unsaved.
  • Fixed issue with shift painting where the start point gets painted twice
  • Fixed Issue in saving custom brushes
  • Fixed Issue in saving mixes
  • And Numerous other small bug fixes