Quixel Mixer v2020.1.0 for Windows


  • Introducing Mixer 2020 with the first look at 3D support. Allowing 3D texturing with painting, sculpting, blending and procedural masking, Mixer gives you creative control and ability to define your unique look, be it stylized, photo-real or beyond
  • Smart Materials: Apply smart materials in a single click from the built in Quixel Smart Materials library or create your own
  • Multi-channel 3D painting: Unlocking seamless 3D painting across UVs and an improved brush system with more controls
  • Import Megascans 3D assets directly from the library or import your own custom 3D models
  • Real time curvature: Create realistic wear, tear and dirt accumulation with the new real-time curvature system.
  • Channel specific controls for every layer. Mixer now gives you control over every texture map in every layer, offering powerful blending, matching, contrast, inversion, custom texture swapping and opacity control of your layers
  • Box Projection: Giving you total freedom over the tiling, scale, and rotation of your texture
  • New Map Component: Allowing you to create masks based on any map of any layer or a library asset
  • Material ID support
  • Updated Position Gradient Component
  • Updated Normal Mask Component
  • Groups
  • Color Tags for layers and groups