Quixel Mixer v2021.1.0 for Windows


  • Introducing support for Multiple Texture Sets and UDIMs. Easily setup Texture Sets based on Materials or UDIMs and intuitively target different parts of your mesh with Layer Sets.
  • Ability to paint across Texture Sets
  • A brand new Texture Sets Editor, allowing user friendly and quick management of Texture Sets.
  • Auto Focus - A new viewport feature that keeps you focused on the parts of the mesh you are texturing.
  • Flatten Mix feature that helps you minimize resource usage.
  • Export of 3D assets to the local library for one click exports to your DCC using Bridge.
  • 100 new smart materials based on plastic surfaces completely free for use.
  • Enhanced UI responsiveness and layer dragging
  • Multiple feature enhancements and performance improvement across the board