Quixel Mixer v2022.1.0 for Windows


  • Opacity map support - Mix and export assets with opacity maps. - Import custom decals to the local library.
  • Emissive map support - Import, mix, and export assets with emissive maps.
  • Material Options - New material options allow you to set up how different materials assigned to the model should render. - Opaque: Default solid rendering. - Cutout: Hard mask to determine if a pixel should be opaque or invisible. - Fade opacity: A softly masked material that can completely fade parts of the model. - Transparent: A reflective but see-through material. - Double-sided: Drawing the back side of a material the same way as the front side.
  • Smart Materials - 47 new smart materials based on wood surfaces completely free to use.
  • Display updates - overall emissive intensity - bloom effect with intensity, radius and threshold controls
  • Preferences - New UI scale option 1.5x (scales nicely for 27” 4K screens)
  • Bug Fixing - Multiple bug fixes across the board